C10/20/30 LSx Adjustable Engine Swap Mounts

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These motor mounts are designed to make an LS swap a breeze on any truck formerly equipped with a big block Chev or a small block Chev from factory. Mounts to the block of the LS with high quality fasteners and uses the factory frame side "clamshell" style motor mounts.
  • Made from high quality steel
  • 3" of sliding adjustability forward and back
  • .75" adjustability side to side
  • Recessed for clearance of Gen 4 starters with the Delphi connector
  • Option of durable black powder coating
  • Comes with all required hardware
  • Sold as a set

NOTE: Designed to work with Anchor 2292 or similar.

Designed, built and assembled in Canada.

Proud to be Canadian